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Wool pellets in the garden

Sheep wool pellets are used mainly for it`s three characteristics


Retains moisture in soil

Repels slugs and snails



For fertilizing, the pellets need to be mixed into the soil. Wool pellets mixed with soil decompose under the influence of moisture, atmospheric oxygen, and heat. This usually happens within 3-6 months. When the wool pellet breaks down, nitrogen, potassium, and other elements necessary for the plant are released into the soil. As the pellet breaks down slowly in the ground, there is no risk of over-fertilization (especially suitable for containers, pots, and amps, where the plant roots develop more or less within the container itself). On larger surfaces (in the garden, in a greenhouse with larger areas), add about a handful (depending on the plant's nitrogen requirement) to the place where the plant grows around the plant root.


Moisture retention in soil

When Mää pellets are mixed into the soil, they help retain moisture, and adding pellets on top of the ground (as mulch) enhances the effect. We recommend mixing a little Mää into the soil and spreading it on top, especially in smaller containers. One pack of granules can cover an area of ​​approx. 0.5 m². Pellets can be spreaded on the surface relatively sparsely as they expand when absorbing moisture and the coverage increases.

The pellets mixed with soil expand under the influence of water and thus help to aerate the soil and also support the development of beneficial microorganisms.

When using wool pellets, it is worth reviewing your watering habits so that the soil does not become too wet.


Slug and snail repellent

The pellets must be spread in an even thicker layer around the plant or object that needs protection, at least 10 cm wide. The width should be wider, the more aggressive the snails and slugs are. When wet, the granules form a felty layer. To repel slugs, the layer made of granules should be clean (e.g. leaves, etc.).

On the pictures below, the surface of the plant container is 0.5m². Planting six terrace tomatoes took 1.5 packs of Mää wool pellets (a decent handful of pellets around the roots of each plant + a layer of mulch on the soil).

Dry pellets as mulch
Pellets in the planting hole
With watering coverage increases significantly
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